Road Kills

Welcome to Maya’s blog (and mine!), somewhere in Africa – it is meant to be all about “Maya and me in Africa” 🙂

After several attempts to write a travel blog, I realised that I do indeed have a lot of things to say but not in the form of a journal of my travels. Rather, I will post stories, based on my overall experience in living/travelling throughout Southern/Eastern Africa since 2013.
The idea is to share pictures (yeah!), what I think on some topics, tell a story on something that made me laugh (or cry), highlight issues that make me sad (or upset), but also some travelling posts, either general or specific to overland travels where I have been.

All posts can be found in the Blog Posts tab above, in reverse order of publication.
They are also included in the different sections of the menu.

Who knows, maybe this will get some of you out here 🙂

Happy reading – feel free to add your thoughts on any post – this is what would keep the conversation going.


6 responses to “Welcome

  1. mais que fais tu avec ce chargement et ton ” winy sac à malices “?? où vas tu, où es tu arrivée ??? bises chaleureuses.


    • pour le chargement, j’étais dans le bush dans il fallait des provision (dont beaucoup d’eau…)
      et mon sac à malice est bien utile quand il n’y a plus d’eau 😉 [bon, maintenant il est vide et je ne suis plus en Afrique du Sud pour recharger…]


  2. un plaisir de te lire, mais sois prudente quand même. Circuler sous la pluie.. dis moi, était ce urgent pour que avoir voulu rouler sous la pluie??
    prendre soin de soi pour prendre soin de l’autre…
    un gros bisou
    cathy the follower toujours en sologne

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