A word on the accident…

In July 2013, 4 months and 15,000km after starting my journey in South Africa, I tripped over a stone on a gravel road and hit the sand bank underneath. This made me slid, like I was on ice… While we received a lot of advices afterwards, inluding, just let her go on the fence, Chrystel tried to remain on the road. As I am high and heavy, i started rocking and eventually lost my balance… wich ended up in rolling…

I did it very nicely and finished on the side, both my side and the side of the road… I was pretty badly damaged, but Chrystel only had a few bruises. God is looking after her. 

The whole thing, between triping and calling for help lasted only 10min. The recovery took 6h… I even managed to break the winch of the recovery car and had to be rescued by a truck.

Altogether, assistance was quick and we were well taken care of by everyone in Utrecht, KWaZulu Natal, SA.
I was then brought to Pretoria, and over the next 4 months, had a complete facelift… 75% of my panels were replaced, the rest was repaired. The only things that was not replaced or repaired were: the bonnet, chassis and roof tent…

Chrystel learnt a lot on mechanic, panel beating, car painting, Land Rover building, and now know every single nults and bolts that I have (quite a few I must admit) as she personally fasten every single one of them.

The inside of the house had to be re-built entirely and chrystel managed all on her own, hence why some of it is not 100% straight 🙂 but hey, fit for purpose! The job was not easy every day as she only had one arm working properly (the left side was in severe pain for 4 months and fully operational only after 6 months) a but head, face, butt, feet were used to compensate.

I would have been ready to go back on the road by end Nov13 but Chrystel was not (and had to leave for visa purposes) and we resumed travels in March 14.

Accident (2)_1

Accident (5)_1

Accident (9)_1

Accident (11)_1_1

Accident (11)_2_1

Accident (18)_1

Accident (25)_1

Accident (39)_1

Accident (42)_1

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