About Maya

I was named after the daring little clever bee Maya, from the cartoon of the same name. I share so much with her that this name was a perfect fit… The English lyrics refer to me as a daring little clever bee and the French lyrics emphase that I am not afraid of anything and that I always continue on my path.
I am flying through the world: I first started in France when I was a young Landy but then I drove around the world with my previous companions – and if you think about it, the world is small as I “only” drove 125,000 km across the continents. Now, with Chrystel, my travels are focusing in Africa, and more specifically in Southern/Eastern Africa due to various political, health and personal reasons. I do hope though that one day we will be able to drive back to Europe…
I am little…: yes, not that obvious if you compare me to other cars, even some other overlander. But if you look at me closely, in my 17m3 or 7m2 (4.5×1.6×2.4), I am very complete. Indeed, I am a car but also a double-storey 3 bedrooms fully equiped house (sleeping 4 to 5) and a very well equiped workshop. Who can say the same?
I am daring and want to see all those beautiful places around, meeting new people along the way and hopefully learning many things. I am not afraid of the roads in front of me, mud, sand, gravel, potholes… Even if sometimes Chrystel is…
And I am strong… I can go anywhere (ok… slowly but still…) without too much trouble. And when I had a bad accident and was deeply injured, I was strong enough to protect everything inside, including Chrystel.
In any case, I want to continue exploring the world…. At least what is around me in Southern/Eastern Africa…
The most popular picture of me is the explanation about my name, written at the back – it was quite good to write it down, and people like it. The people at the place it was printed even asked for a copy of it. The text is the topic of another post (“Maya… The Bee”).

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