Maya… The Bee

I was named after the clever daring little bee, Maya. I am not afraid of anything, I want to discover the world, befriend and share with others and I always continue on my path to pursue my dream.

Some things can be learned from Maya:

Little: we are never too little to do something. Every step, however small, is a step forward, toward our goal.

Daring: we have to dare taking action toward our goal. If we don’t do anything, nothing will happen!

Discover: No need to go far… we should start discovering the world that is right next to us. And make friend with the people around us, regardless of where they are from, or what they think or believe in.

Share: Share experiences and ideas with others. You will help building someone up, and you will learn something new.

Pursue your dream: God gave us dreams to show us our purpose. He provides us with the tools we need to achieve our dreams. But we also have to overcome obstacles, placed there to strengthen us. Don’t let those obstacles stop your way, they are just road bumps. Never give up. Use obstacles to your benefit.

Every beautiful moment makes you richer for it, but also in every loss you can make a gain. Whatever happens, whatever you do, take the positive and build on it. Hopefully all experiences will make you better for it.

Be proud of what you do, even your mistakes.
Because mistakes mean that you are TRYING.

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