Skiing holiday in Africa?

I thought that it would be a good time to think about this topic: winter is starting in the Northern Hemisphere, people are getting ready for their next skiiing season; while summer is already upon the Southern Hemisphere, with temperature already rising to insane levels in some places.

So… Let’s see where you can be in 6 months… What about saying that you went skiing in August in Africa?

Well, that’s possible! Visit the small skiing resort AfriSki in Lesotho! While not the size of a resort in the Alps or the Pyrenees, it is something atypical that can be of interest.

I went there before the season started, at the beginning of autumn. And while there was no skiing, there was already some snow. Anyway, once there, it is funny that you can nearly think you are in Europe. Names of chalets reminds you of the Alps. Oh… Actually… Just the chalets themselves remind you of the Alps.

A good holiday circuit would be to group a safari trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa, for a chance to see the Big 5 and a ski break in Lesotho.

Time of year (for skiing): June to September
All year around is nice too 🙂

Photos taken early May…
22_Lesotho (678)_1

22_Lesotho (646)_1_1

22_Lesotho (674)_1

22_Lesotho (662)_1

22_Lesotho (666)_1

22_Lesotho (653)_1

22_Lesotho (651)_1

22_Lesotho (647)_122_Lesotho (652)_1

22_Lesotho (645)_1_1

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