There is always a (good) excuse….

It is too hot. it is too cold. It is too sunny. It is raining. There is no electricity. There is no water. There is no internet. There are people. There are kids. I am on the road. I am in the bush. I am working. I am tired. I lost my password. I have no computer….

All excuses sound good when we give them. And they are… But they only are at the time… and from the person who give them…
I can justify all of those excuses above for not posting for so long.


When it is too cold or raining, I cannot be outside and write. When the sun is too bright and the day hot, I cannot be outside with the computer for long (I can’t see the screen and the computer overheat in any case).

When there is no electricity, I keep my few hours for work and entertainment (ok, that’s selfish but that’s all I have for music, tv, reading…), and no electricity means no internet…

Now… How about no water? Surely, that’s not an excuse for not using the computer! Well… No water means time spent to go and fetch it… More time for anything that uses water (laundry, dishes, cooking)… Hence less (or no) time for computer things…

Being in the bush also represents a good excuse. When in the middle of nature, it feels odd to get the electronics out so you can look at a screen… Just take in the views, the sounds, the wonders around us… Work with your hands… Speak with people by the fire…

No internet means that at the time, you don’t see the point in writing something you cannot share… And you get to a place with wifi, only to find out that you can browse the internet but for some reason not your blog!!! And then when you have a real opportunity again, you realise that you have such a backlog that you cant tackle the task anymore and so…. you use the excuse of being with people…
No offense to online communication, but I much prefer to speak with people than to write. And I meet people all the time. Most time, there is someone. And then, I cant bring myself to be on the computer instead of having a live conversation. Somehow, I find social medias to be anti-social for me. Internet conversations are one way to me, a little like talking to myself. When posting this, while I am sharing with all of you, wherever you are in the world, there is no response. Actually, I sometimes get more response from myself (… euh, no, i am not insane yet… Just doing conversation…).


Blogging or merry-go-around…?

I write so much when I am driving… All in my head… I did consider a voice recorder, but engine noise and wind make it impossible to hear back properly. And then, will not help with the writing anyway…. At the end of the day, when I stop, there is either someone, or a good reason for the place to be empty (rain, cold, no water… same old reasons…). At the very worst, I am just tired from the drive or the day on the computer (for work…)…

My best excuse though is that my computer was stolen just after the previous post. No computer, no writing. And now i have to sort again all the pics that I have managed to recover. I also changed all my passwords, but then when I finally got a new computer, I could not remember what the new ones were….. But the loss of the computer had a much bigger impact than just holding up on the blog in its infancy… and that’s for later…

2016_05_Etosha (947)_1_1
There were a few other excuses after I bought a new computer (and a couple are still holding me back on doing what I want to do for the blog…) but I am now trying to be back online…. For better or for worst…

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