Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

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Welcome to Victoria Falls!

The smoke you can see in those pictures is actually not a burning forest… it is in fact the mist raised by the mighty power of the falls, visible at least 20 km away (pics), when the falls are in full flow. Maybe the origin of the name Mosi-o-Tunya (The smoke that thunder)…


THE Bridge, linking Zambia and Zimbabwe, over the Zambezi river – It is no-mans land and can be visited by exiting one country without entering the other…
Vic Falls bridge

From Zimbabwe, full flow, just after the rainy season (April)…

Vic Falls_Zimbabwe (87)_1 Vic Falls_Zimbabwe (82)_1 Vic Falls_Zimbabwe (70)_1 Vic Falls_Zimbabwe (69)_1 Vic Falls_Zimbabwe (62)_1 Vic Falls_Zimbabwe (47)_1 Vic Falls_Zimbabwe (46)_1

From Zambia, dry, at the end of the dry season (November)…

Vic Falls_Zambia (51)_1 Vic Falls_Zambia (4)_1 Vic Falls_Zambia (23)_1 Vic Falls_Zambia (2)_1

When to come?

Well, it depends what you want to do!!! it is great all year around. Just some things are only available at certain time of the year.

Bear in mind that the falls are a natural wonder… and thus you can never know what will be the flow, dependent on so many factors outside of here… So here a rough guideline for best time:

March-July: pretty sure that you can have the falls in full flow. Take your raincoat and protect your camera: it is like being under rain because of the heavy mist…

August-November: while you will see less water, it is still very impressive…. And because there is less water, then you can visit Livingstone Island, swim in the Devil’s pool above the cliff, enjoy less rough rafting (really…?) down the Zambezi river…

Any time though, you can have a thrill bungee jumping from the bridge, one of the highest (if not the highest) free fall bungee jumping, heading toward the Zambezi… (at least, that’s what I have been told… no way I am trying!)

Where to go? Zim or Zam?

While I love Zimbabwe (Zim) as a country, the town of Vic Falls is not a representation of the country – purely built for tourism, you are a tourist, not a person. Not my preferred place.

The town of Livingstone (Zambia – Zam) has a more ‘normal life’ feels and I really enjoy staying there.You can get a feel of Zambia hospitality, as well as booking your falls adventures, and why not, Chobe trip (in Botswana).

Either way, you can enjoy the falls from both countries through day packages or day visa (check cost before you go). If you have time (and a little money) then go for both, and stay in one…

So it sill really depends on your overall travels. The one thing to bear in mind if you enter Zimbabwe through Vic Falls: dont let this town leave an impression of the country. Continue visiting. It is beautiful.


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