Bread or Bread?

It is interesting as sometimes the primary brain is taking over everything else. And then, we realise what is important to us. Well, at least what we miss, what makes us who we are.

Ok, Ok, maybe not that far into analysis – after all, I am talking about… bread…

Over the years, I have come to accept that if I am not in France and not close to a good baker, I will not have a real baguette. Not the ones we grew up eating. Tasty, crispy outside, soft inside… hummm

Anyway… During my years in the UK, I make due with ‘bread’. The toast bread that we did not use to have (yet, that we have more and more) in France.

In Africa, the bread is similar to the one in the UK. With a small difference: it is good. And the base of my diet. When I buy a loaf, I have to eat it within 5-6 days. There is no preservative that allows us to keep it for long. Which makes the taste much better…

When I went shopping today, I realised how badly French I was, and how much I miss my baguette. When I arrived at the Baker corner; I saw a raw of baguettes and I literally rushed to get one. It is not baguette and they have the decency to not call it baguette but French loaf. Which kind of give the idea. It was a bit soft, the crust not crusty. But still… it looked so much like a baguette! I had to get one! And I did.

So that was cooking sorted for today… I had a French loaf to finish… It was actually very nice. Tasty. Not soft, even though the crust was not crusty. I did enjoy it. First time that I actually find a bread that kind of remind me of home… I have kept some… for tomorrow morning… 2 days back in France… Nice!

Funnily enough, we kind of get crispy baguettes here (well, mainly South Africa and Namibia) – and they are my favorite to have with a braai (BBQ): garlic bread – a baguette sliced up, filled with garlic butter and cooked on the fire wrapped in foil. Yummy. But my brain does not associate with home. This is garlic bread. For a braai. In Southern Africa.



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