Home Sweet Home

And other “homy” expressions…

What is your definition of home? Where is your home? Not that simple…

According to the dictionary, home is a place where one’s live – whether it is a house (building), flat, cave, igloo, boat, …. but more than the place, it does have an emotional feel to it, compared to just talking about the place itself.

One day, one of my friend told me, speaking about the place I had been living in for about a year: “we can see that this is not home… you have not even hang-up curtains…”. Well, this was a house (ok… a flat…) but was a place to sleep, more than a place that I would consider home. It was a temporary dwelling. Even if temporary was 5 years…

A few years later, when I bought Maya, one of the first thing I did was to hang-up a curtain… and then I thought about that and realised that I was indeed already thinking about Maya as my “home to be”.


And it is really home. This is how I refer to her. In the evening, I go home. Every evening.
Maya is my home and the world is my living room 🙂

So many expressions refer to home. And we can create many others. The ones I like:

“Home is where your heart is” (home will always be the place for which you feel the deepest affection, no matter where you are) – I do have several homes. My heart is in several places, for different reasons. Depending on the conversation and/or the question, home is a different place… Here’s some of my responses.

Home is France, as a country.
Home is South of France and the French Caribbean, as my heritage.
Home is my parents’, well, as my parents.
Home is Palaja, as my heart is.
Home is Maya, as my life & heart is.

“Home is where your tyres are” – this is from fellow travellers. And I can relate.
As I said, Maya is my home. No matter what or where, when I close my curtain (or my door…), I am at home. I sleep in my bed. I have my environment.

“Make yourself at home” (Comfortable and at ease in a place or situation) – where you feel comfortable, with a feeling of belonging. In all my gardens, I have made myself at home in a few places.
While the map is not fully up-to-date (I have missed a few places to mark), so far, I have recorded 179 places where I have spent at least a night in the past 3 years with Maya. Excluding my friends, there are only a few places where I have made myself at home really (on top of my head, about 5).


And they are now my “home away from home” (A place where one is as happy, relaxed, or comfortable as in one’s own home). And I will talk about them each individually. In separate posts.

Now, leaving my current garden/office and going home for the night….

Where is your home?

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