Wanderers – Lusaka, Zambia



Wanderers is a calm place in the heart of a busy capital city. It is the only campsite in town, and give a respite from other busy backpackers.

It is part of Lusaka backpacker, and includes camping, dorms and individual rooms, green lawn and secured walls in town.

This is my home when I stay in Zambia, not travelling… one of those places where I came the first time to Lusaka because of the campsite and then had to come back to, for the people.

The first time though, it was nice to have a transition from the bush to the city, with a feeling of green and the convenience of town. But people are so welcoming that I very quickly got my marks and made myself at home.

My last stay was nearly 6 weeks… living and working from there… not because I had to be in Lusaka… just because I enjoy it…



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