Lesotho – the Mountain Kingdom

Only a quick few words to give basic info on Lesotho… Come and experience the country for yourself…

The Kingdom of Lesotho is a small landlocked country in Southern Africa, completely surrounded by South Africa. The capital is Maseru in the North. It is a parliamentary or constitutional monarchy: the Prime Minister is head of government and has executive authority. The King of Lesotho, serves a largely ceremonial function. He no longer possesses any executive authority and is prohibited from actively participating in political initiatives.

The kingdom covers ~30’000 Km² for a population of around 2’000’000 people (Density ~68 inhabitants per Km²).

It owes its name of Mountain Kingdom to the fact that it lies entirely above 1’000m high (lowest point: 1’400m) with over 3/4 of the country being above 1’800m.


As you can imagine, it is fairly cold all year around – with temperatures reaching as low as -18°C in the highlands (I experienced -15°C, in autumn…).

The main economy of Lesotho is agriculture and livestock, manufacturing and mining – with Water and Diamonds being the two most important natural resources of the country. The construction of the Katse Dam has allowed Lesotho to be self-sufficient in electricity production and to supply South Africa with water and electricity.

Tourism is not that important from what I saw and heard on the road, other than for the Sani Pass and AfriSki resort.

HIV/AIDS is a major burden to the economy and development of the country and many programs are addressing it, being successful in reducing the rate of infection and increasing status check and anti-retro viral treatment in the last few years.

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2 responses to “Lesotho – the Mountain Kingdom

  1. It sounds like an amazing place to explore. I hope your travels are fruitful. I have heard about this region before and tourism definitely wasn’t a high point of discussion as I recall. I look forward to reading more about the region.


    • It is indeed an amazing place – one of the nice thing is that tourism is not high… and so you can enjoy the beauty and the people, still untouched.
      I did not stay long as I went there just before winter and it was very cold (the first evening I “enjoyed” -15°C…) but it is definitively one country to go to…


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