Breakfast in Kariba


06.00 am – Kariba, Zimbabwe – Enjoying coffee – Sun already up

Then come some friends wanting to share breakfast with me. Great!
We had some biscuits, played a bit. After which, they wanted to drink MY coffee, invade my space, get in the house. So I had to walk them away… while they are cute and friendly, they are still wild and their reaction can change at any time… (well, we can have the same with a horse at home…)

As I walk them away and they are trying to taste the camera, they saw something that scared them. Turning around, I get scared too and walked back around Maya faster than my zebras friends…. Another friend is coming for breakfast, but not one that I want to invite too close to me 🙂

Phew, he is just passing by me and more interested by scaring the zebras than me – off he goes, pass my neighbours and into the bush.

Enjoy your day… wherever you are in this world…

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