Paula & Home for AIDS Orphans


Paula is a very dynamic, dedicated lady that I met during my first trip to Zambia. I was staying in Livingstone (at the doors of the mighty Victoria Falls) and was told about helping with mud-house building project. So I went there for a few days… so I thought… Mwandi (the village) and Paula are now on my route wherever I come to Zambia.


Paula has been running the Home 4 AIDS Orphans Not for Profit Organisation for over 10 years.

Paula is from California (USA) and fell in love with Africa when she came several time on animal conservation projects. She met Dan during that time. Dan is originally from Mwandi. He has been working for the UN on refugees projects during the various uprisings in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
When they met, they decided to come to Mwandi and set up Home for AIDS Orphans. This was originally established as the United Church of Zambia Mission Partners in Mwandi, and since 2014, it has been registered as an independent Not for Profit Organisation.

Through this organisation, they are building houses for Orphans through the housing project, supporting the local hospital through the healthcare program (both at the hospital and during the out reach days in remote villages) and supporting local schools through the teaching program.

Paula (and Dan) is passionate about the work they achieve there and the help they have been able to give to so many people in the village.

Find out more about Paula, Mwandi and Home 4 AIDS Orphans at A truly remarkable experience if you want to come and help in the village!

And… Through Paula, I also met Gabby and Aunty Beanor (more to come)

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