Warthogs – Kariba, Zimbabwe


Warthogs Bush Camp in Kariba, Zimbabwe is one of those places where people there have adopted me from day 1… I arrived and I was just part of the locals… when I came back the second time, I was greeted with a big hug and “Welcome Home”… This is how people are here: with an open big heart, welcoming you for a day, a week, a month… but mainly for life.

But Wardhogs is also a brilliant bush camp to stay at. Sitting on the shore of Lake Kariba, it has everything for everyone.

Wildlife and Peace & Quiet
It is crammed with wildlife and quietness: bush life and life in the bush – a wonderful place to stay for nature lover, bush adventurers. You get the bush in the safety of knowing that you can get help if it comes too close to you as it has been my case ;-):

Have lunch watching the buffalos by the lake.
Read your book by the pool while the zebras are grazing in front of you or share coffee with them.
Watch the elephants visiting your tent (or car) or bathing in the lake.
Listen to the hippos, birds, cicadas, frogs (and a lot more that I don’t know…) – different songs by night or by day.
Watch-out for Hippos and Crocs in the lake.
Go fishing and cook your catch on a nice braai back at the camp.
Go for endless walk around the lake.
Watch the boats cruising around or better yet, go on a boat trip on the lake.

Paradise for those you want peace and quiet in the bush and close encounter with wildlife without going on a safari or a boat experience.

(warning: while they come close, they are wild animals and should be treated with respect — follow basic safe guidelines and ask what you should do)


Entertainment and Socialisation

At the same time, Warthogs also has a great kitchen (food is really good there) and bar where you can meet the locals and long-term foreigners if you wish. They do organise events from time to time, like Beer Fest in October, Halloween Party, Christmas Braai…

You can book fishing trips, house boats, safaris,… through their many contacts.

If you want a break from the bush, come up to the bar and mingle with the crowd – they welcome you with open arm and heart.

Have a drink by the pool, enjoy good food, good drink and good company.


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Kariba, Zimbabwe

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