Night visitor

In the crushing heat of Kariba, Zimbabwe, nights are not much better in Maya. One night, I woke up around 2 am feeling uneasy, and I attributed it to the heat. So I opened my door to see if there would be some air to help. With the door open, I could now hear a very disturbing munching…. “crunch, crunch, crunch….” Really close… and without my glasses, I am trying to adjust and see who is around… getting desperate for grass, here a couple of hippos (at least what I could see…) grazing by Maya! Tried to take a picture, but they are not keen on the flash and move away quickly… Needless to say, that I closed my door before going back to sleep…

3 responses to “Night visitor

  1. I’ve heard that at night hippos are more dangerous because they can’t see as well. I am glad he wasn’t spooked. I can’t imagine you got much sleep after that close encounter.


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