Diversity of flavours

Maybe because I am French, maybe because I am Caribbean, maybe because I travel, maybe because I have lived (live) abroad, maybe because…
Well, not sure what other reasons there can be, but the one thing that is important and constant in my life, wherever I am, is tasty food…

I like to cook with spices, not necessarily hot spices, but tasty spices… it can be hot curry or mixed herbs and lemon… it does not matter… as long as there is taste and that I don’t eat the same day in day out. Otherwise, food (and eating) becomes boring, and I end up eating for surviving.

Because if we are honest, we always eat the same thing. At least I do. Pasta, Rice, Potatoes. Tomatoes, Cabbage, Onions. For the basics. But I rarely eat the same meal. Cooking it differently and/or with a different spice makes it an entirely new meal. And I like to try new things, new mix, new flavours… Hence why I have tried new recipes in Zimbabwe, to preserve food, but also to put some peps in people diet…

One thing I was told once in the UK was: “English eat to live – French live to eat”… well… on that one, I am definitively French…

Bon appétit!




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