No boring road in Zim

DSCN3262.JPGI like Zimbabwe… and they make sure that long drives are not dull…

Driving 500 km can be long and after a while you stop paying attention, your mind just setting into automatic driving… But not in Zim! You have to stay alert at all times.

Police checks can be anywhere… and not necessarily visible from far… it can be just one officer in the middle of the road, and 2 on the side, wearing reflective yellow sleeves… keep your eyes open, you might only see them at the last minute…

Best day was 500 km – 17 police checks and 7 toll gates… you can’t get into the routine of setting you speed and just going 🙂

2 responses to “No boring road in Zim

    • Actually the main roads in Zim are fine, not much trouble with potholes. The only thing is that they are just single carriage way, with truck traffic, but high speed limit (like many other countries around) – so in my view, the best recipe for road accidents…

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