One surreal long day…


When I left Kariba on a (still hot) Sunday morning in November 2016 to cross Zimbabwe to Botswana (at Plumtree), I was expecting a long day… it is 800 km (which is a lot with Maya, even on good tar road), but most of all, I expected delays with police checks.
Zimbabwe is already known for the great number of road blocks/police checks, and this year economic situation has made things worse. Civil servants went a few months without being paid and the police was even more eager to give fines. It was reported that “police stopped tourists for money”, especially in June/July 2016 (I will update later with the link… when I find it again :)).

I had my first road block after 10 min drive… so was expecting plenty on the way, each time adding 5-10 min to the journey. The first one was just leaving Kariba, and they just check that you got all your paperwork in order if you have just crossed the border. Over those 800 km, I went pass 18 road blocks/police check. Which was actually less than what I have experienced on some other trips through Zimbabwe. Of those, half were only on the other side and a couple where on their break. The best one though was when I pass a bunch of car crammed with people sticking out, one with the passenger door wide open. And I saw 3 officers looking at the traffic, so I stopped and asked them what it was all about: the convoy was going to a funeral ‘maybe’ – no control there though.

But most of all, I was only stopped twice, and nothing was checked, just if I was doing OK. No try to find a fault and give me fine. So not like usual… not that I complain though, but it had me wondering if there has been instructions regarding the tourists?…

Who knows… let’s hope it stays that way next time…

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