Istanbul…? Not yet


Turkish Airlines does have a very good service when you fly with them. If you have a connecting flight in Istanbul, Turkey (which is the case with most long haul international flights), you might be able to use their FREE touristanbul.

I have been flying with them a number of time, but so far, unfortunately, my connecting time has always been at night (so, no tour).

This year though, I was all excited! Having been to Istanbul airport so many times, my new flight schedule would allow me to finally get a glimpse of the city!! As I was scheduled to land at 06.30, and board the next flight at 13.15, I could go on the 08.30-11.00 tour! Yeah…

Well… Once again it was not meant to be… All because of the weather… The weather is really a good conversation topic as there is always something that happens (or not) because of it…!

On leaving Johannesburg, South Africa, the weather was very stormy, heavy rains and all. Prior to departure, we had a lightening warning… which meant that re-fuelling was not allowed… The warning was lifted almost 30min after our scheduled take-off time, and refuelling could only then start… We never made up for that delay in the 9h30 flight to Istanbul and I only made it to the terminal at 08.45… Not even on time for the 09.00 tour (which in any case I would not have been able to take as it was coming back after my next flight).


My learning… While this is a great opportunity if we have the chance of good timing, it looks like that I have to plan for a real visit to Istanbul…. Longer than connecting flights 🙂 One day….

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