Joburg2Kili (Johannesburg to Kilimanjaro) for Qhubeka


Similar to “Les Amis du Monde”, the “Joburg to Kili” team used cycling through Southern/Eastern Africa to promote their project, also finishing with the ascension of Mount Kilimanjaro.

They were collecting funds to provide bicycles to children in South Africa so that they can go to school. Those bikes are manufactured in South Africa and have been designed with the harsh road conditions there: 1-speed sturdy bikes, able to handle ‘off road’ cycling.
They are produced by Qhubeka, a volunteer organisation and were designed by the World Bicycle Relief :


They have now completed their cycling raid and ascension of Kilimanjaro – for a full account of their trip, you can find them at:

Some facts from Qhubeka regarding the impact of having a bicycle on schooling (and education…)
– More than 54 000 bikes have been distributed by Qhubeka since 2005
– A child’s commute time to school is reduced by up to 75% with a bicycle
– A bicycle increases a person’s carrying capacity by five times
– Healthcare workers can visit more than double the amount of patients per day with a bicycle
– Marks improve by an average of 25% for children who ride a bicycle to school
– Schools where children ride bicycles see attendance rates rise by 18% on average

While fund-raising is completed for this adventure, you can still support a child and give them a chance to complete their schooling by supporting Qhubeka, either through donation or by joining some of their fundraising actions around the world… check here!!


2 responses to “Joburg2Kili (Johannesburg to Kilimanjaro) for Qhubeka

  1. Hi!!

    Thank you so much for the article. We retweeted it 🙂

    Where are you now?

    Regards, Gareth Pickering Mobile: +27 794740353 Skype: gareth.pickering _____________________

    Current Projects: A platform to help people find freedom and happiness in their lives. 4500km on a bicycle from Joburg to Tanzania raising funds to help kids to school by bicycle. Fundraising for victims of the earthquake in Nepal.



    • Hi Gareth!
      My pleasure! I have tried to use your trip to continue raising awareness 🙂
      So now, even though you are relaxing on a Mozambican beach, your efforts continue 😉

      I just arrived in France for an admin trip. Back in SA end of January….

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