100’000 km in Africa

100'000 km

From the most Southern point of Africa (Cap Agulhas, South Africa) to the feet of the Highest point in Africa (Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania), through the Highest pub in Africa (Sani Pass pub, Lesotho), from the beach to the desert, from hot to cold… Maya has driven 100’000 km in Africa since March 2013 when she arrived in Durban, South Africa.



She reached this milestone in Windhoek, Namibia – From Durban, this would “only” be just under 2’000 km, which would take me 2-3 days on major tar roads…

But over the last 4 years (actually… 50 months), this was:


34 months on the road

9 countries (South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi) only

41 border crossings, in 22 different border posts

21 crossing of the Tropic of Capricorn in 7 different points (at least, the ones I know of…)

~200 different “homes” (places to sleep), staying from 1 night to 2 months

Temperatures ranging from -15°C to +50°C (with some days going from -4°C in the morning to 25°C in the afternoon… I kind of love winter in some places…)

Driving on the beach, in the forest, in the dunes, in the mountains, crossing on ferries

Driving on sand, salt, rocks, water, gravel, mud or tar roads

Going up (and down…) steep hills or steady on plateau

Being challenged by elephants (both while driving and in camp)

And also:

1 major accident

4 months in hospital and 3 months in rehab (for Maya… not me…)

9 months in storage (in 5 different places in South Africa)

A lot of repairs… in my view anyway… teaching me to be a mechanic, and fix things on the road…

But mostly, beautiful sceneries, beautiful people and the set-up of Bee the Solution.

During all this time, Maya has been a faithful (when not stubborn) car, home, office, workshop, companion for me. Always there, even in time of troubles. Sheltering me in the accident, strong in harsh terrain, comfy at night. She has all I need. She is all I need for now.

Thank you Maya for the first 100’000 km together. To the next 100’000 km I hope, building and strengthening Bee the Solution.

3 responses to “100’000 km in Africa

  1. C’est très interessant de lire ton.parcours. tu es une battante ce qui fait que j ai beaucoup de respect. Continue ton chemin. Un jour que j’espère proche j”irai pour quelques semaines m’ y insérer.
    Big kiss. Happy 100.000 km Maya.


      • Oui je sais que la chambre sera toujours prête pour moi.. Tu ne le sais pas encore mais…
        j ‘ai aussi une chambre pour toi à deux pas des chemins côtiers nazairiens. C est le scoop.

        have nice trip dear with all my friendship.


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