Trust, Confidence, Support

I did it!!!


For some, it would not have been an issue. Others would have been careful to not even be in that situation in the first place. It doesn’t matter what it would mean to someone else. For me, it was a big thing. I was in a great state of panic. I just could not do it.

But then, I had support. People trusted my capacities (when I did not). They had confidence in me and believed that I could do it. And I did!!!

The story here is about a 20 meters stretch of road… yep, I know, might sound stupid. But it does illustrate the importance of trust, confidence and support. It can be for everything we are facing in life, any situation that makes us feel uncomfortable, scared.

Now for the details of this particular story – which does make me look stupid afterwards… but regardless of what other can think, I am happy to recognise my weaknesses and my fears and tell that story to illustrate the importance of support. And glad that I can say my thanks to those who supported me then. But I think it does also show the effect that confidence (self and others) has on what we can achieve.

That day, I am leaving a place in a remote area. It has been raining (and there is still light rain), so that mud road is really soaked.

I have a 4×4 that can go anywhere. I have nice, big Mud Terrain tyres (exactly the ones that are best adapted to this type of situation). So everything should be fine.

Everything, but me. When I left, within a few meters, I could feel the car sliding on the side. I did not think that I could stay on the path. The back is not staying aligned. And I am looking at the next few meters in front of me: the road is going down (not flat anymore), it is very uneven and very slippery. Now, all my fears are coming to me: I am heavy, and high – if I slide I could overturn. I don’t think that I can do it. I know the car can do it. But only if I can control her properly. I can’t…

My safe plan is to think that I will wait for the rain to stop. For the road to dry. And then I can go. It might take days. But that’s all I can think of doing on my own. That’s the only option I can see with the lack of confidence in my capacities.

But my friends believed in me. They know the car can go through it. And they believed that I can control it through. I feel more confident. I try. Slowly going in Low Gear (about 2.5 km/h). Easy. Total control. Even with the butterflies in my stomach, we get through that patch.

Anything is possible to those who believe.
I believed in myself because someone did believe in me.

Thank you ladies for your confidence and your support. For this time and others…

And this example, from my own experience, re-inforce me in my thoughts about the importance of confidence and motivation. How we can help others by just giving those two little pieces. How we can build someone up by just showing them their abilities and believing that they can achieve something. So, while some situations are scary to me, I will continue with my vision for Bee the Solution.



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