Generosity on the road



Africa has a warm heart and a helping hand. Whatever happens, there will always be a hand to help you, an arm to hug you, a place to stay, food on the table…

I have had some hard times. Nothing dramatic, I have never been too badly injured, but away from home in a foreign country, some things can be more difficult to handle without the support we are used to, and the family/friends to turn to. Every time I have been in a though situation, there are always been people to give support.

Whether it was the farmer reassuring me at the accident site and taking care of recovery, the mechanic after the accident taking me to A&E and making sure that I had a place to stay, people looking for a trailer so that we could take Maya to town, friends putting up with me for months while I did not have a roof anymore or when I needed a place like home, people sharing their meal, a hug and encouraging words on those doomed days where everything goes wrong, money in hard times, a spare tyre when I can’t afford a new one, fuel when I count my mileage, a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, technical support, mechanical help, all those moments when you feel alone and suddenly become part of the world… I have met such warm people along the way… Those who stop and help a stranger without thinking twice… Locals (from the country or neighbouring ones) and travellers… And this has opened to great friendship, people for whom I am not a stranger anymore and who have become part of my life.

And this is not talking about those I knew before (at home and away) and/or have given me strength without knowing it. Thank you to all those who have helped me continue my route at times when I thought about giving up. A smile, a hug, an encouragement, more in some cases, all had a great impact on me and you are the reason why I am still here, still focusing on the reason why I came in the first place.




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