My passenger is Mr Potato…

Carrying things around is sometimes a mission… but one that we can make fun.

The other day, Maya was fully loaded with a variety of things: food, clothes, shoes, buckets… but also water and extra fuel. So I had to “make a plan” to fit everything and to spread the weight so that it would be a little more balanced.

I ended up carrying Mr Potato… we had great discussions over our 3 hours drive. A lot better than before he got his head on 🙂

Mr Potato weighted about 90kg, but with heavy feet. Altogether, he was made of:

-10 kg potatoes head
-30 L water body
-10 L water right leg
-10 kg food left leg
-30 L fuel feet

Even a mouse would not have gotten a lift on that seat…

Mr Potato.jpg

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