Patience and perseverance

A lot of thing here takes time… and you need to be patient… you are now on “African time”…

One of those things that takes time is getting a signal…

There are areas where the signal is pretty much non-existent. Luckily, local people do know the “spots” where you can hope to get a bar. And so you go and stand on the one spot that can give you some lines to the outside world.

The signal is available in very strange places. On a pole, in a plastic bottle hanging (amplifying a little more), under a roof in an abandoned village… if you move slightly you loose the signal…

You really have to leave the phone where it is and stand there, using speaker to speak (you cannot get it to your ear or you loose signal), typing from that position, without moving the phone… it is ‘interesting’…

But then the weather is also a factor in getting the signal… wind, clouds, rain… it will influence whether or not you can call or email…

One day, I needed to send a one line email with a strict deadline… and I know that it might not work… so I tried the day before, just to have a buffer… I went around the area, trying a lot of different spots, to not avail… I finally managed to send that 1 line the next day… For this, I drove nearly 100 km on day 1, spent that one day trying with no luck and then 12 km and 3 hours to connect and send once I got the signal on day 2. So, altogether 100 km and 1.5 days for a 1 line email on the phone… because the internet signal was so weak (but it was there!) that it would not connect on the computer…

It does take a lot of patience and perseverance… if you don’t keep trying, then you will not be able to achieve anything… and the same applies to many things here… patience and perseverance… two key words to have things happen… with time

Seating in the office... with signal...

Seating in the office… with signal… somewhere…

2 responses to “Patience and perseverance

  1. tu sais à Chémery, j’ai le même problème.. pas de barre ou une barre.. mais pas plus.. il me faut aller au nord de la maison pour pouvoir me connecter. serais je en afrrrique dis?
    mais pour info, j’ai acheté un petit “truc” sur l’océan. tu y viendras te pauser quand tu voudras, quand tu pourras.
    prends soin de toi,un plaisir de te lire , vraiment.


    • vers chez nous aussi on a des zones sans réseau 🙂 il y a moins de route à faire par contre pour trouver quelquechose… et en général, on a aussi une ligne fixe. En fait, on a les mêmes problèmes mais ils semblent plus faciles à résoudre :))
      …. et j’aime être à coté de l’océan… un jour…


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