Hurricane Maria vs African Rains

I do complain (sometimes) about the state of some roads in Africa. I do say that it is better to drive a good gravel road than a bad tar road…

The heavy rains (and the trucks) do destroy the roads in Africa, ending up in potholes, growing bigger year after year. Tyres are being damaged, and this year, I even slashed one (even though they are big and meant for these roads).

But in a few hours, a hurricane in the Carribbean can do bigger damages. This was taken a few hours ago, right outside home, just after Hurricane Maria (I am not there and everyone is fine at home). We are not sure if the road is swallowing or spitting this piece, but nevertheless, it only took a few hours to destroy the tarmac.

Besson- chemin apres Maria

I think Maria won the contest… In the next few weeks, I will think twice before complaining…. (then I’ll forget and complain again…)


3 responses to “Hurricane Maria vs African Rains

  1. I know what you mean about taking an unpaved gravel road over a rain rotted asphalt one any day. I live in Wisconin and while the interstate is generally pretty good, someone in their infinate wisdom decided to pave every road and I mean even the low traffic ones. This would be fine, but after about 15 years of no maintenance they may as well not be paved.

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