Celebrating “my” diversity

International drinks - blending cultures

OK… showing a display of drinks might bring some wrong ideas…
No… I am not getting drunk…

Today is my birthday and I decided to celebrate it through “my” diversity… France, Caribean, Southern Africa.

The pic of drinks are for an interesting and very visual display of this diversity.

Food and drinks are a good idea of cultures. And this is the minimum I will try in any place I go. It also brings people together, wherever we are in the world and wherever we come from… so let enjoy eating and drinking today around my diversity!

I started the day celebrating my French culture with:

  • homemade “real” French baguette – i.e. crispy outside, soft inside… that I bake myself the day before
  • real coffee (very French to drink coffee…)
  • Wine jelly (not from France, but celebrating French wine culture…)

Mid morning, I had a very spicy masala tea from India (really… all the ingredients for the Masala teatea actually came from India, except milk and sugar from Zambia) – this celebrates my love for spices and my constant exposure to multiple cultures as those were given to me yesterday by an Indian lady in Zambia, whose family I met over 2 years ago (and with whom I enjoyed at the time the best Indian curries ever!)

Lunch celebrated Zambia Mosi beer as I am currently in Zambia as well as my Caribbean origins with a Passion Fruit punch from daddy (i.e. all from Caribbean origins and religiously consumed slowly so that I can enjoy it for a long time….) and a meal including tomatoes confit and onion confit for the French side again (well, at least when I cook them and eat them, it reminds me of France…)

Evening started with Malawi Kuche Kuche beer, to celebrate my “twin bother” there, Promise (being born exactly at the same time than me), a sip of Namibia Tafel beer, to remember where I have celebrated most of my birthdays in the past years, also my favorite place and the country where I have spent the most time recently as well.

South African Pinotage was the ideal wine to go with the enormous steak on the braai.  Wine to represent France, Pinotage & braai to represent South Africa ,the other country where I have spent the most time with Namibia in the past years, the country of Pinotage (my favorite wine ever) and braai (barbecue), ideal for a good steak 🙂 Sauté potatoes with “Herbes de Provence” (mixed herbs that I bring from France because I cannot find the same anywhere else) added the French touch.

And finishing the evening with a real cultural mix, a sip of homemade banana rum: banana from Malawi, rum and sugar from Zambia, technique from the Caribean… I have macerated it for a month… mmmm…

All followed by a few Zambian Mosi beers, as word of my Bday went out that evening….

Looking forward to another excuse to celebrate diversity!!!



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